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Objects of Sleep

Objects of Sleep by Patrick Hourihan

Surrealist paintings and drawings
68 pages, full colour

Available as a free downloadable pdf

or to buy at cost price as a print-on-demand paperback from Lulu

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The Archaeology of Hope

The Archaeology of Hope was launched on the winter solstice of 2016, with an invitation to a game that culminated on the summer solstice of 2017. This book is a catalogue of the results of the game, and a record of the exhibition and performance ritual that sprang from it. Available to buy at cost price as a print-on-demand paperback from Lulu Also available as a free downloadable pdf

Deadwax Inscriptions

Deadwax Inscriptions by Merl Fluin Poetry 12 pages, black and white Limited edition of 100 numbered paper copies in hand-decorated sleeves, privately circulated Also available as a free downloadable e-book in pdf , mobi and epub formats

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